The Future of financial services and AWS Fintech offering


Reykjavik University FinTech Center hosts a talk by Patrice Letourneau, Strategic Account Manager Fintech at Amazon Web Services, about the Future of financial services and AWS Fintech offering at Reykjavik University, room V102, on Tuesday August 20, 4-5 pm.

The Financial Services industry continues to evolve with new disruptive technologies, new players and regulations transforming an industry long protected against innovative startups. In a world where data is the most valuable asset, incumbent banks but also some specialized FinTechs find new ways to augment customer experience or invent new products. This represent risks from security, technologies and collaboration perspectives. As a technology platform, AWS is uniquely positioned to understand the market, support financial services companies and help enable the future of finance. 

The session will be an opportunity to discuss the evolution of finance, present how AWS supports Fintech customers, reflect on how Fintechs are disrupting the industry and how incumbent banks are reacting. After the talk, participants should have a better understanding of the Fintech ecosystem, the inherent technologies changing the landscape and the role of AWS as an enabler.

Patrice Letourneau is an expert, lecturer, and entrepreneur in digital transformation. He has over 10 years of experience with sales and management consulting. He is passionate about addressing new challenges in technologies and innovative business practices. Over the years, he has helped startups and global organizations tackle and create value from digital technologies including cloud computing. He has undertaken projects in strategic management, transformation, and adoption of new technologies, primarily in Canada, France, and Sweden. 

Currently living in Stockholm, Patrice works with the Fintech industry, managing some of the most strategic Fintech AWS customers together with developing the strategy for Fintech across the Nordics & Baltic region.