PAPESH Research Centre advises the Canadian women's handball team


The staff of PAPESH Research Centre of Reykjavik University has been evaluating the Icelandic National Handball Teams, both A-teams and youth teams. The Research Centre is now also counselling the Canadian women's national handball team.

The Canadian women's team is training in Reykjavík in collaboration with HK sports club. PAPESH staff and students from the Sports Science department measured the team and will follow that up by giving them recommendations for improved performance.

More than 40 players were evaluated with a multidimensional battery: height, weight, body mass index, extensor leg power, extensor arm power, speed, aerobic resistance and throwing velocity. The evaluation was coordinated by Kristján Halldórsson (PAPESH research Centre) and Sports Science student (Kolbrún Helga Hansen). This is an excellent opportunity that allows RU students to evaluate an Elite Team and at the same time add to PAPESH's database.

Nemandi framkvæmir mælingu á meðan kona í íþróttafötum stendur fyrir framan hannExtensor leg power is measured with a test called “countermovement jump”. A player's jump is recorded with a camera and later analysed.