The 2019 RU Awards


Reykjavik University awards three staff members every year for achievements in their field, in three  categories: the RU Teaching Awards, the RU Service Awards and the RU Research Awards.

Á mynd frá hægri Einar Magnússon, starfsmaður í yfirsetu prófa, Olivier Matthieu S. Moschetta, lektor við verkfrdeild, Ólafur E. Sigurjónsson, prófessor við verkfrdeild og Dr. Ari K. Jónsson Rektor HRFrom left: Einar Magnusson, Olivier Matthieu S. Moschetta, Olafur Eysteinn Sigurjonsson, and RU President Ari Kristinn Jonsson.

RU Research Awards

Olafur Eysteinn Sigurjonsson was awarded the RU 2019 Research Awards. He is a professor at the Department of Engineering. Among his research is the development of clinical grade methods for expansion and differentiation of stem cells, and clinical cell therapy service: harvesting, processing and storage of hematopoietic stem cells. Nominations for the research awards are based on publications in peer-reviewed oulets, the application of research with industry and the community, participation in the development of research centers, and more.

RU Service Award

The 2019 award for service were presented to Einar Magnússon, exam officer. RU students send in nominations for the service awards.

RU Teaching Awards

The recipient of the 2019 Teaching Award is Olivier Matthieu S. Moschetta, assistant professor at the Department of Engineering. Selection for the teaching award is based on teaching reviews, the use of new methods and information technology, among other factors.

The RU awards go out to employees who are considered to have excelled in development, research, teaching and service to students. They were first presented in 2010.