Technology transfer at MIT


Lesley Millar-Nicholson, director of MIT‘s Technology Transfer Office (TLO), will give a talk on tech transfer on Monday March 4, in Reykjavík University, room M209 between 12-13.

In order to utilize research, it is necessary to have scientific work accessible and visible to investors and businesses, otherwise there is a risk that opportunities for innovation will be lost. Technology transfer can be described as a bridge between science and industry, and without it there is a risk that knowledge will be abolished in the academic community.

Research has shown that lack of technology transfer is the weakest link in Iceland‘s start up system. TLO offices help out with transferring knowledge from universities to a wider distribution among companies and people in order to create value for society.

Lesley has over 15 years of experience in working with technology transfer and now runs the TLO office for one of the most respected technology University in the world.

The meeting is organised with Auðna-tæknitorg and is open to all.