Successful conference at MIT


A group of staff from Reykjavík University attended the Innovations in Management conference held by MIT University on March 8 and 9 in Boston, USA. In addition, the group met with some of MIT's experts. The conference was a great success, and the RU staff benefited and enjoyed the visit.

Fimm konur og einn karlmaður standa upp við pappaspjöld merktum MIT

The group from HR that attended the conference, f.l. Katrín Sif Oddgeirsdóttir, project manager of employment relations, Jón Haukur Arnarson, director of operations, Marie-Terese Vander Sande at MIT ILP, Hafrún Kristjánsdóttir, dean of the Faculty of Sports Science, Lilja Björk Hauksdóttir, project manager at the rector's office and communications and Ninja Ýr Gísladóttir, director of finance.

The conference is an annual event organized by MIT focusing on the issues and challenges of management in today's society. Among the speakers at the conference were entrepreneurs who work at MIT and the MIT Startup Exchange. The topics covered were diverse, including economics, environmental issues, and the mixed fortunes of the Lego company since its inception.

The cooperation between RU and MIT has continued intermittently since 2005. RU oversees the cooperation agreement between the Icelandic industry and MIT and is part of the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), a collaboration between institutions and companies interested in long-term strategic relations with MIT and each other. RU has its contact at MIT, Marie-Teresa Vander Sande, and she warmly welcomed the RU staff in Boston.