Setting out to explore the Romanian labor market over 10 years


Reykjavík University participates in a two-year project within the the EEA and Norway Grants that are funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The Grants have two goals – to contribute to a more equal Europe, both socially and economically – and to strengthen the relations between Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and the 15 beneficiary countries in Europe.

The project partnership has been created in view to put together an experienced HEI from donor state and HEI from Romania. The project‘s working title is "School of Knowledge Production and Transfer for Global Economy and Governance" (SKOPE4GEG) and is run by Romanian participants. They are the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration and the National Scientific Research Institute for Labor and Social Protection.

The project aims at exploring the prospects of the labor market in Romania over the next 10 years. Especially with regard to technology, knowledge transfer and changes in the markets. It aims to build up professional tools in order to better connect the education with the world of work for new positions. The training modules that will be developed will increase the employability of the students after graduation.

Hópur fólks stendur saman upp við töfluParticipants of the "School of Knowledge Production and Transfer for Global Economy and Governance" project - from both Iceland and Romania.

Guðlaug Matthildur Jakobsdóttir, Director of the International Office and Hallur Þór Sigurðarson, Associate Professor in the Department of Business are in charge of the project on behalf of RU.