School of Business receives award from the United Nations


RU School of Business recently gained recognition from the UN for its first progress report in conjunction with the PRME-project. The aim of PRME is to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and leadership globally. PRME partner universities are in total 600 from 80 countries.

PRME Progress Report recognition

Representatives of the Nordic universities that received awards: Reykjavik University, CBS and Hanke University.

The recognition was given at a conference held by the PRME Association in New York in June 2015. A total of seven universities received awards for outstanding reports. Three Nordic universities are among the seven who received recognition: Copenhagen Business School and Hanke University of Helsinki.

By following the PRME principles, RU School of Business is committed to educating students in community responsibility, with focus on responsible management and to encourage the industry to engage in responsible business practices. RU School of Business has been a member of PRME since 2012. This first report includes a discussion of the goals the department has set itself for responsible management education for the coming year.

 The progress report:

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