RU‘s Department of Business Administration is expanding and becoming stronger


Reykjavík University's Department of Business Administration received a welcome addition when three foreign academics started working at the department at the beginning of the year.

Tvær konur og tveir karlar standa í tröppum

 Dr. Anna Thoresson, Jón Þór Sturluson, Chair of the Department of Business Administration, Dr. Patrick Weiss and Dr. Susanne Durst.

Dr. Susanne Durst has been appointed to the position of Professor of Management. She conducts research, i.a., in knowledge management, innovation management, and sustainable business development - especially in the case of small and medium-sized companies. Dr. Anna Thoresson was hired as a lecturer in economics. She conducts research, i.a., in the labor market, economics of education, and gender economics. In addition, Dr. Patrick Weiss has been hired as a lecturer in finance. He conducts research, i.a., in corporate finance, equity valuation, and fixed income analysis.

At the beginning of the year, Margret G. Flóvenz, one of Iceland‘s most experienced accountants, started working as a permanent part-time teacher. They will all be an asset to the department in teaching and research.

The Department of Business Administration has now achieved its goal of equalizing the gender ratio among academic staff. The ratio is now 45% women, but if all permanent staff is included, the ratio is 51% in favor of women.

The four new employees attended their first department meeting last week, where, among other things, the department's strategy and the possible impact of artificial intelligence (ChatGPT) on teaching and research were discussed.

Hópur fólks stillir sér upp standandi í tröppum