RU participates in 16 of the 25 applications that received funding from the Higher Ed Cooperation Fund


Reykjavík University participates in 16 of the 25 applications that received funding from the Higher Ed Cooperation Fund. The Higher Ed Cooperation Fund is an initiative set up by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation with special funding in fall 2022. The allocation of the Higher Ed Cooperation was announced at a ceremony in Gróska today, January 12. Higher Ed Cooperation is intended to encourage strong cooperation between all universities in Iceland to increase the program's quality and the schools' competitiveness.

Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation thanked the universities for their great interest in the Higher Ed Cooperation. According to Áslaug Arna, the interest of the universities exceeded her wildest hopes. "As soon as the idea was introduced, a great conversation started between all the universities, which resulted not only in a large number of applications, but the quality of the projects is such that I believe they can have a great and positive impact on Icelandic society. The applications show that with the Higher Ed Cooperation Fund we are unleashing energies and ideas that have been brewing for many years but can now finally become a reality."

Ragnhildur Helgadóttir, President of RU, says she is delighted with the results. This has been beneficial in further enhancing the already collegial cooperation between the universities and this underscores their strength and builds curricula on that strength.

48 applications were received for the Higher Ed Cooperation fund for over ISK 2.8 billion. The intention was to provide up to a billion ISK for the collaboration this time. Still, the quality of the applications was such that it was decided to increase the grants to almost 1.2 billion.  

See the ministry's news release in Icelandic for more information about the projects and the allocation from the Higher Ed Cooperation Fund.