RU and NLFÍ Rehabilitation and Health Clinic to collaborate on teaching, training and research


The goal of this agreement, which is for five years, is to establish and strengthen the collaboration between RU and NLFÍ in the field of teaching, training and research, making the best use of the unique expertise, materials and facilities within these two institutions.

With the agreement a firm foundation is laid for collaboration on teaching and field studies for undergraduate students in psychology and sport science, and internships and research for master's students in clinical psychology, practical behavioural analysis and sport science, as well as for RU doctoral students. 

The agreement also covers co-operation on the development of the services provided in relevant professional fields and continuous education of staff. Efforts will also be made to strengthen research collaboration with other parties at home and abroad.

Ragnhildur Helgadóttir and Þórir Helgason.

Making an impact on people's lives

This is an exciting opportunity to work together on important issues that have a huge impact on people's quality of life, and it is very beneficial to our students to be able to learn from the experience of the specialised and experienced staff of the institute in their studies and projects. The agreement also opens up opportunities for scientists from these institutions to work together on exciting research in the field of health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation,

- Ragnhildur Helgadóttir, RU's President, at the signing of the agreement at RU.

Þórir Haraldsson, CEO of Heilsustofnun NLFÍ said: 

This agreement is an important recognition of the institution's activities and creates many exciting opportunities for development, for research and retraining of staff and to improve services for our clients.

About the NLFÍ Rehabilitation Clinic

The role of NLFÍ, located in the town of Hveragerði, S-Iceland, is to provide individualised, interdisciplinary treatment for individuals who need rehabilitation and training following hospitalisation, accidents and/or due to certain illnesses. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the physical, mental and social skills of individuals, and increasing the quality of life.