Reykjavik University launches Iceland School of Fisheries


This semester, Reykjavik University is launching a series of executive training courses tailored to industry managers and executives in the fishing industry from around the world. Combining expert instructors, hands-on visits, and best practice case studies, the new Iceland School of Fisheries covers the latest developments in management, operations and sustainability within the fishing industry.

Iceland's fishing industry is one of the most modern and competitive in the world. It accounts for 40% of Icelandic exports, making it an important cornerstone in the country's economy. Its sustainability is ensured by a unique individual transferable quota system, established in 1990, which has resulted in growth of Iceland's most important fishing stocks in recent years.

The program for Iceland School of Fisheries this year consists of three, one week sessions that cover all aspects of fisheries management, marketing, processing, quality assessment, and innovation, taught by experts, at Reykjavik University. Each session consists of lectures and visits to companies in the greater Reykjavik area. Each week concludes with a full-day trip outside Reykjavik to see cutting-edge industry processes at work at a global fisheries company and to experience Iceland's stunning nature. Participants may choose which session to attend or pick all three sessions.

The Iceland School of Fisheries is organized in collaboration with the Federation of Fisheries Iceland and Matís Ltd – Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D.

For further information, please visit the website of Iceland School of Fisheries: