Reykjavik University awarded at UN PRME Global Forum in New York


Last July, at the UN PRME Global Forum in New York, Reykjavik University‘s School of Business won the award "Recognition of Excellence in Progress Reporting". The report is a testimony of Reykjavik University‘s commitment to the six UN PRME principles. Out of all UN PRME signatory business schools Reykjavik University was among eight winning an award. The Six Principles of PRME are inspired by the United Nations Global Compact's Ten Principles.

Páll Melsted Ríkharðsson, dean of RU School of Business says receiving the award for the second time is a great honour. “Emphasising corporate social responsibility in teaching is something all business schools should be doing. Our report outlines successfully the values and goals here at RU. The most prestigious universities are participants in the PRME initiative and for RU School of Business it means access to a valuable network.”

Hrefna Briem, the Director of the B.Sc. program in Business and Economics, attended the forum on behalf of Reykjavik University. She was honored and delighted to receive the award and explains that Reykjavik University has worked strategically to foster and stimulate responsible management since becoming an active member. She also explained how the approach plays an important role in the school's EPAS accreditation by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

RU_awarded_at_EN_PRME_HrefnaHrefna Briem judging teams in the annual innovation course at RU School of Business.

This is the second time Reykjavik University wins this award. The university was also selected to win the award in New York at the 2015 Global Forum for Responsible Management Education.

Read the report: Developing Leaders who Care