Restrictions after Easter - impact on studies and exams


Today, a new regulation was published on restrictions on school operations, which will apply from April 1st to 15th. This regulation allows for some on-site learning again and increases the leeway somewhat from current rules. The main points are two-meter distance restrictions, a maximum of 50 students per group and a ban on mixing between groups.

The changes of the school regulation will have the following effect on teaching and assessment in the coming weeks:

Teaching until April 15: Arrangements will be decided upon and announced by departments and teachers. For teaching that takes place on site, the group divisions that were set up at the beginning of the term apply.

Final exams for 12-week courses: The written and oral exams that take place during the exam period April 12-23 will all be digital. This was decided at meetings between the rector, the dean of the department, the dean of the faculty, the director of teaching development and today.

Practical sessions: Students may attend practical and clinical sessions as long as face masks are used.

Utilization of corridors and common areas: Masks continue to be obligatory in corridors, toilets and other common areas.

Reading space: Up to 50 students may use reading and work spaces in each infection prevention zone, with a distance of two meters. Registration is no longer required to use reading space.

The building will be open to students all Easter, from 8 am to 5 pm and from 5 pm to 10 pm with access card.