Research funding for RU five times more in the space of a decade


One of the many duties of RU Research Service is to disseminate RU research activities within and outside the University, e.g. publicise an annual report on research development and the academic strength of Reykjavik University. The annual report is mainly on RU affiliated publications in peer-reviewed outlets and on research grants from national and international competitive research funds to RU.

The results of analysing data from the first report, from 2007, to the latest, for the year 2008, are impressive:

  • The total number of publications in peer-reviewed outlets has markedly increased between the years 2007-2018, i.e. quadrupled in number.
  • RU affiliated publications in peer-reviewed outlets annually per academic employee has increased over the period 2007-2018, from 1.1 in 2007 to 3.9 in 2018.
  • In the period 2007-2018, the total allocation from national competitive funds has increased fivefold, from around 70 MISK in 2007 to around 362 MISK in 2018.

These achievements are furthermore demonstrated in the latest rankings released by Times Higher Education (THE) of the best universities in the world, where Reykjavik University ranks third to sixth in terms of scientific citations, along with Stanford University, MIT and Brandeis University. The citations indicator is an estimate of how often other scientists cite the findings of Reykjavik University scientists in peer-reviewed outlets.

The RU Research Services report is based on data from reports which academic employees at RU with research duties submit annually to Research Services. It only covers publications in peer-reviewed outlets and publication in the name of RU and RU-affiliated.

The report is published in both Icelandic and English and is on the University website: and