Regarding the lifting of certain restrictions


In a memo from the Directorate of Health to the Minister of Health on the lifting of certain restrictions on gatherings, it is stated that universities can, to some extent, open their facilities on May 4th, but still with restrictions. 

Group size should not exceed 50 people and individuals should keep a two-meter distance from each other. It is also specifically stated that university operations should otherwise be completed this term with the restrictions currently in force. More detailed instructions will be provided in an advertisement from the Minister of Health in the next few days.

Iceland has made great progress in restricting the COVID-19 epidemic and it is very positive to see that current restrictions may soon be lifted to some extent. Still, the fight is not over and restrictions will still have considerable effect on the work and studies of RU students and employees. The most important goal of Reykjavik University under the current conditions is, as before, to ensure the safety and health of its students and employees, for example by abiding instructions from the government and health authorities.

The next few days will be used to decide, in close cooperation with health authorities, what access to the University building can be granted to students and staff, what restrictions there will be and how access will be prioritized to those who need it the most.

Employees will, as before, still be encouraged to work from home. Teaching will not change from what has previously been decided and announced. Exams and three-week courses will also, in general, be finished in the manner previously announced.

RU students and staff have done a great job in the special circumstances created by the COVID-19 epidemic and for the most part, the goal of finishing the term in time will be reached. It will be great to be able to take some strides towards a more normal situation early next month, but let's still all remember to thread carefully so that the success of dealing with this epidemic can continue.