Record number of new students


This autumn, around 1700 new students will begin their studies at Reykjavik University, in undergraduate, master‘s, and PhD programs. The number of students at the University has been growing, but this is the largest number of new students so far; an increase of 20% since last fall. Furthermore, around 100 exchange students will attend Reykjavik University this coming semester. New undergraduate students are welcomed during orientation days, today and tomorrow.


Ari Kristinn Jonsson, President of Reykjavik University, says it is always a happy occasion when new students arrive. „A university is a community and interaction among students and between students and teachers is vital. We have thus worked hard to ensure that students can attend and use the facilities at the University campus as much as possible, within any limitations set by the Directorate of Health. 

This autumn, traditional timetables will form the core of the organisation of teaching, but lectures will be streamed or recorded and made available online, to ensure full access to teaching, independent of limitations in effect. Special emphasis will be put on students being able to attend practical sessions, discussion groups and so forth, and the number of such sessions will be adjusted based on limitations in effect."

Ari then adds: „It is great news that the school year can be started with one meter distance rule, rather than the two meters the university had prepared for. That enables us to serve more students on the premises at a given time, thus bringing university life closer to normal.“