Record number of applications for graduate studies


Reykjavík University has received about 3,800 applications for studies for the school year 2021-2022, but the application deadline for undergraduate studies expired on 5 June. This is a similar total number of applications as last autumn. Applications for master's studies increase by 5% between years, setting a new record for most applications for master's studies at RU. 

Applications for undergraduate studies are a little fewer than at the end of the application deadline last year, when the application deadline was extended to 15 June, or around 6% under. Applications are still open for RU preliminary studies and for various summer courses, and for a few study programs in undergraduate and master's studies.

Over 1700 students were enrolled at the University last autumn and never before have so many new students started at RU. A similar number of students are expected to be admitted to study at the University this autumn.

Most applications were received for studies at the Department of Business Administration, almost a thousand, an increase of 4% between years. In relative terms, however, the number of applications for studies in the Department of Law increases the most, by 10%. Looking at individual study programs, most applications for undergraduate studies are for a BSc in computer science, but most applications for master's studies are for studies in clinical psychology. Interest in construction architecture has also increased significantly over the past two years and 100 applications have now been received for studies in that field.