Project Management: Mindhunter's research project

Dr. Ann W. Burgess and Dr. Allen G. Burgess.


The well-received Netflix series Mindhunter (2017) centers around the research of the FBI Behavioral Science Unit on the minds of serial killers. The show´s characters are based on real people and Dr. Ann Burgess (the show´s "Dr. Carr") will give a talk on Wednesday, April 18th, in RU courtesy of the MPM Master of Project Management programme. Joining her will be Dr. Allen G. Burgess, her husband.

A woman smiles at the camera Dr. Ann Burgess was a pioneer in the use of field research and interviews with offenders. She will she dlight on the project from a project management perspective. She will talk about the role of the Behavioral Science Unit in the US justice system and Ann´s part in the investigation. Ann will also describe her experience of working with agents John E. Douglas and Robert K. Ressler from the Mindhunter series.

Dr. Ann Burgess is now a professor in psychiatry at Boston College School of Nursing and is well known for her research on perpetrators and victims of violence.

The talk will be in room M101, Wednesday April 18th at 5pm and is open to everyone. It will also be streamed here online: