Parliamentarian, Katrín Júlísdóttir, discusses Iceland´s master energy plan


On Tuesday the 30th of September, Congresswoman Katrín Júlíusdóttir, who previously served as the Minister for Industry in Iceland, spoke as part of Iceland School of Energy‘s Meet the Energy Industry lectures series, on the topic of Iceland´s master plan. The Master Plan is an ambitious document which shapes the government's future energy policies and future energy projects, all aiming towards sustainable utilization of Iceland's natural resources. All work done in preparation is based on strong scientific research in collaboration with all stakeholders such as environmental agencies, energy companies and locals living near to the areas of interest. The process is open and all reports accessible, allowing everybody; the public, interested parties and associations, to be a part of the final outcome and thus creating a nationwide harmony regarding Iceland's future in energy matters.

During Katrín's time as minister, the second phase of the Master Plan was finished. Katrín led an informal discussion meeting and students had the opportunity to ask questions and partake in a dialogue on energy policy in Iceland and how this can be adopted to other nations. Katrín spoke about her experience of working on the Master Plan, the work ahead and the main hurdles facing decision makers on this nationwide project.