On new restrictions due to covid and arriving in Iceland


Due to a new cluster of domestic COVID infections in Iceland, the government has put in place new restrictions that will remain in effect untilAugust 13th. It is unclear what will happen after August 13th, but Reykjavik University (RU) will abide by directions of Icelandic Health Authorities, which may change at short notice, depending on how society manages to deal with the pandemic. It should, however, be expected that some restrictions that affect University operations will still be in place after August 13th. The University aims for such restrictions to have as little effect on teaching and the student experience, as possible. Further information will be sent to students before teaching starts.

The new restrictions impose a 100-person limit on gatherings and reinstate the 2-meter social distancing rule. This applies to all businesses, workplaces, and public establishments. Where the 2-meter rule cannot be respected, masks should be worn, such as on domestic flights and ferries and personal service establishments. Further information on the new restrictions is available at covid.is, as well as other information on COVID-19 as it regards to Iceland.

Arrival to Iceland – Second test and special precautions

Residents of Iceland, including students, arriving in Iceland from all countries for except Faroe Islands, Greenland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany, must choose between one of the following options:

  • 14-day quarantine
  • Two tests; the first at the border on arrival and the second by the primary health care service 4-6 days later. In between the two tests, special precautions need to be taken. The second test is free of charge and testing is available at health care centres.

Students from Faroe Islands, Greenland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Germany are not required to undergo a COVID test at the airport or choose a 14-day quarantine. If you have arrived in Iceland 14 days prior to the start of the semester, no test is needed.

Detailed instructions for arriving in Iceland are available on covid.is.