School of Law welcomes new Dean


Reykjavik University is pleased to announce the appointment of Ragnhildur Helgadóttir as the next Dean Ragnhildur Helgadóttirof the School of Law.  Ragnhildur received her undergraduate Education from the University of Iceland in 1997, a LL. M degree from the University of Virginia in 1999, and a doctorate from the University of Virginia in 2004.  Ragnhildur has worked at Reykjavik University since 2002, as a professor since 2006, mainly teaching constitutional law at undergraduate and graduate level, legal history and acted as adviser to both ML and doctoral students.

Ragnhildur has published books and articles in the fields of constitutional law, legal history, administrative law and welfare law, collaborating with universities both within Iceland and Internationally. As a researcher, Ragnhildur has become renowned for her work on constitutional law, and she is often called upon to provide information and opinions both to government bodies and to media.

In addition to working at Reykjavik University, Ragnhildur has served on the Icelandic negotiation committee regarding the Icelandic application of membership to the EU and led the negotiating group on justice and home affairs; served on various committees set fown by Parliament and government and as an alternative board member of MP Bank. Ragnhildur also serves as one of three alternates to the Icelandic judge of the European Court of Human Rights.