Graduation Ceremony


This past Saturday June 14th, 507 students graduated from the University of Reykjavik: 327 students graduated with an undergraduate degree, 179 graduated from the masters programmes and finally one from the doctoral programme.

Nemendur sem fengu viðurkenningu VÍDuring the last academic year there were 3200 students enrolled at Reykjavik University and 709 have graduated so far this year.

Graduation statistics, 14th June

  • Science and Engineering: 178
  • Business: 155
  • Law: 92
  • Computer Science: 82

Outstanding achievement

Frosti Olafsson, Business and Commerce Minister, presented the following awards to students for outstanding achievement. ; Árna Þórólfi Árnasyni, BA Law, Brynhildi L. Brynjarsdóttur, BSc Psychology,  Helga Ingimundarson, BSc Financial Engineering and Jóhanni Brynjari Magnússyni, BSc Computer Science.

Thorstein Baldur Fridriksson, CEO of Plain Vanilla Games and BSc in Business Administration from Reykjavik University, 2004, gave a speech.Omar Berg Rúnarsson, ML Law, spoke on behalf of students graduating the School of Law.

University funding in Iceland

Dr. Ari Kristinn Jónsson, Rector of Reykjavik University discussed in his address the funding of Icelandic Universities in comparison to Nordic countries.

"The cuts that have taken place in recent years have meant every student in University´s in Iceland receive only half the funding that follows students in Scandinavian universities. This is a fact that we must adapt to, to enable Iceland to be competitive in education and innovation in the future.

Education is an economic issue not welfare, investment in education enhances growth and improves competitiveness in the  business economy. The authorities seem to be realizing these facts, the recently adopted Action Plan Science and Technology Policy, which aims to significantly improve research funds over the next few years and other steps will be made ​​to make university funding in Iceland comparable to other Nordic countries. There is still a long way to go until university funding in this country is acceptable,but this is an important step in the right direction."

Today Reykjavik University is the largest technical university in the country and graduates two thirds of the students in Iceland who graduate in  the technology sector, half of the students who graduate in Business Administration, and a third of all lawyers.

Pictures from the graduation event can be found on our Facebook