Innovation Day at Reykjavík University


The goal of the Innovation Day was to illustrate the buildup and success of the technical and software industries and to illustrate how sponsors, such as the Technological Development Fund, help to create a strong and positive image for companies in the field by creating awareness and highlighting innovation in various companies.

                         Nýsköpunartorg í HR

                                   Ragnheiður Elín Árnadóttir, Minister of Industry and Commerce, starts the festivities.

An industry conference on innovation was held on Friday, May 23rd. On the following Saturday there was entertainment. Among the many company exhibition booths, there were such diverse activities as the playing games from the board game company Spilavinir, skin condition tests from skin care professionals, field testing of the world's lightest bicycle fork from Lauf Forks and a showing of counterfeit and knockoff products. Iceland's contribution to the Eurovision song contest, Pollapönk, held a short concert to the delight of all.

The Innovation Days was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Industry Assocation (Samtök iðanaðarins) and the 10th anniversary of the Technological Development Fund. The Industry Assocation, the Icelandic Research Fund (Rannís), Reykjavík University, the Icelandic Patent Office (Einkaleyfastofa), the Icelandic Information Processing Assocation (Ský) and several others involved in innovation and startups in Iceland were involved in the organization of the event