Secondary schools programming competition


Preparation for the race begins.  The contest will be held at Reykjavik University over the weekend of March 21-22.  The programming contest is a competition open for all students in secondary school who are interested in design, programming and computers. The competition will take place on Saturday the 22nd of March at Reykjavik University.

On Friday the 21st of March the competitors will meet at RU were the competition arrangement is covered and the competitors will be assigned workspace. This also provides an excellent opportunity to meet the other competitors. On Saturday the competitors will meet at 8:oo am for a breakfast. The competition will begin at 9:00 am and will continue on for the remainder of the day.

Neo- Contestants solve one major project using technical skills, possibly through the use of graphical user interface, database and web application. Contestants will have the flexibility in implementing projects in the competition.

Trinity- In both the morning and afternoon contestants will solve many small projects and also larger projects that challenge the logic and implementation of the solution methods.

Morpheus- This is for students who are beginners but would still like to participate in the contest. Organizers of the contest will have most of the students participate in this department. For example, students who began their studies in programming this fall.