New MSc degree in Clinical Psychology announced for the autumn 2014


The Master of Clinical Psychology will begin at Reykjavik University (RU) in August and is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Iceland and satisfies the requirements in Icelandic law for practising as a psychologist. In addition to this the United States Behaviour Analyst Certification Board has approved the MSc in Psychology, as meeting the requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behaviour Analyst Examination.  This is the only course in Iceland to have such approval.

Dr Jon Fridrik Sigurdsson, the newly appointed Director of the programme, holds a master's degree in health psychology from the University of Stirling in Scotland and a Ph.D. in psychology from King's College London, and is a specialist in clinical psychology and forensic psychology. Jon Fridrik served as chief psychologist at the Icelandic National University Hospital between 2001 and 2013, as well as holding the position of Professor of Medicine at the University of Iceland and as a Research Professor at RU from 2007.  Jon Fridrik says the master's programme in clinical psychology at Reykjavik University is a very ambitious programme that gives students a professional and solid foundation to work within a diverse range of psychological services in this country.

The MSc degree in clinical psychology provides students with professional training in the key areas of psychologists in Iceland. The programme is unique in that it combines the fundamental areas of clinical psychology and evidence-based approach of cognitive behavioral therapy and applied behavior analysis. By sharing knowledge, skills and competency, the MSc degree aims to enable students to be trained in the multi- core competences needed for professions in psychology. Students are given training in three key areas: adult psychology, psychology of children, adolescents and / or families and developmental neuropsychology and / or rehabilitation. The programme consists of course work, a research paper, and clinical training under the guidance of trained psychologists. The content and structure of the programme is similar to studies in clinical psychology abroad, especially in Scandinavia.