Renewable Energy group from the US at RU


This past week Reykjavik University welcomed forty-five undergraduate students from the US, who came to Iceland to learn about and experience renewable energy. The students were participating in the GREEN Program, which offers short educational trips focused on providing hands on renewable energy education.  The programme in Iceland is offered in collaboration with Reykjavik University, which accredits the learning based element.  

The most recent group was up made of students from all over the US, and a few from outside the US. The group included students from Stanford University and Rutgers.  While they were here the students learnt about renewable energy in Iceland, geothermal energy, hydropower and energy economics. The students were also given a technical tour of the Reykjavik University campus and shown how the energy efficient design and latest energy saving technology makes the campus building one of the most energy efficient and intelligent buildings in Iceland.  On their final day students presented their capstone projects, which were business ideas the students developed, with the key aim of supporting a more sustainable future. Projects included biogas developments for small farms in the US, Aquaponics to assist with solving issues in an indigenous village in Panama, and a company focused on innovating efficient Green bathroom technology. This year GREEN will bring over 300 students to Iceland, to experience Iceland's sustainable energy network.