Eight teachers receive funding from the RU Teaching Development Fund


Eight projects received funding from RU's Teaching Development Fund recently. The aim of the Fund is to strengthen teaching, innovation in teaching and quality of teaching at the University.

The ideas for innovation in teaching come from the teachers themselves and they continue their development in cooperation with specialists. The allocated amount in total was around 20 million ISK.

A teacher in your pocket?

One of the teachers that received teaching development funding is Hrefna S. Briem, Director of BSc Programme in Business and Economics. She is working on voice controlled teaching where language technology is developed so that students can get access to teaching material and learn it.

HrefnaBHrefna explains: "A language processor is made accessible through various smart platforms such as a phone and so follows the students wherever they go, and is available at their leasure just as they are used to listening to Spotify etc. And so the students gets his/her own supporting teacher and can control where, when, and how they access the material. We have contucted tests once this semester and we plan on using the new technology in more courses next semester."


Projects that received funding:

  • Anna S. Bragadóttir, Preliminary Studies - curricula for Icelandic studies, emphasis on information technology
  • Björg Hilmarsdóttir, Preliminary Studies – electronic curricula for Danish studies
  • Haraldur Auðunsson, Department of Engineering - Videos on the importance of physics and interactive curriculum about treatment and representation of measurement data
  • Haukur Freyr Gylfason, Department of Business – Estimation of Teaching Assessment
  • Hlynur Arnórsson, Department of Applied Engineering - teaching methods in mathematics for applied engineering studies
  • Hrefna S. Briem, Department of Business – Voice controlled teaching material
  • Margrét Vala Kristjánsdóttir, Department of Law – Administrative law teaching material
  • Sigurður Ingi Erlingsson, Department of Engineering – smart phone as a learning tool