New students welcomed to RU


Today, Reykjavik University welcomed our new incoming student group. An energetic group of promising new students joined us at the Fresher’s fair to meet teachers, staff, our student associations, and their future classmates. Students learnt about the university, our services, campus life and all the important aspects of studying at Reykjavik University.

Nýnemadagur HR 2019Next week, new students are invited to attend workshops as part of our “Mini lunch time workshops series”. The purpose of these workshops is to give new students a more in-depth prospective on our services and how to get the most out of their studies. Students can attend workshops on the following topics: time management, learning techniques, tools for research and learn about exchange and internship opportunities abroad.

Nýnemadagur HR 2019Around 1450 new students have joined us this autumn for their studies; we also welcome 140 exchange students from all over the world. We wish you a great semester and welcome to RU!

Nýnemadagur HR 2019Nýnemadagur HR 2019

Nýnemadagur HR 2019

Nýnemadagur HR 2019