New professor at RU's Department of Sports Science


Maður stendur við stigahandrið og horfir brosandi í myndavélina, á ganginum í Háskólanum í Reykjavík.Peter O'Donoghue is a newly appointed professor at Reykjavík University's Department of Sports Science. He is widely known for his work, research, and teaching in sports performance analysis, but many of his former students have achieved great success in the sports world. For example, one is the Head of Performance Analysis at the English Football Association.

Peter began his career as a computer scientist after completing a Ph.D. from the University of Ulster in 1993. He taught and conducted research in computer science at the Robert Gordon College of Technology and the University of Ulster after graduating. In 1995, he began a research collaboration with Ulster University's Department of Sports Science. The partnership resulted in the publishing of three scientific articles in sports science journals. Subsequently, Peter completed an MSc in Sports Studies. After graduating from the Sports Science program in 1999, Peter started working at Ulster University's Sports Science Department, where he taught and carried out research. In 2003, Peter saddled up and started working at Cardiff University, where he worked as Head of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies in Performance Analysis.

Peter is a prolific researcher, but he has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and written five performance analysis textbooks and a statistics book. Peter has been Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport since 2006, and his 100th peer-reviewed journal article was accepted in 2022.Maður situr við skrifborð og vinnur í tölvu.

There is more news from the sports science department, where Dr. Robert Weinberg was recently promoted to professor emeritus at the department. Robert Weinberg is a very well-known name in the world of sports psychology. Among other things, Weinberg was nominated as one of North America's ten best sports psychologists. He has published over 150 academic articles, more than 40 book chapters, and nine books. According to Google Scholar, his work has been cited over 20,000 times. Dr. Weinberg is the co-author of the book Foundation of Sport and Exercise Psychology, the world's most widely used sports psychology textbook.

The appointment of Peter O'Donoghue is an excellent addition to the Department of Sports Science, and it is also great recognition for the department that a respected scholar like Dr. Robert Weinberg is an emeritus professor at the department.