Network for young people in energy affairs founded


A few students at RU's Iceland School of Energy (ISE) are keeping particularly busy these days. They are starting the Future Arctic Energy network (FAE), a network of young students and professionals working in arctic energy affairs. The network was founded on October 30th at the "Future energy opportunities" conference, held by the Iceland School of Energy at the RU.

Future Arctic Energy Network                                                                  Sarah Sternbergh, Mike Doheny, Sven Scholtysik and Almar Barja.

“The network is organized by four students at UR's ISE with diverse backgrounds and expertise as well as an undying interest in arctic affairs. Our vision is to approach the problems of the arctic from a technical standpoint and to recruit students, young professionals, industry and scholars to achieve our goals,” said Almar Barja, a student at ISE and one of the founders of FAE.

The network's goals are to create an opportunity for students and young professionals to participate in arctic energy affairs. FAE intends to create awareness and encourage participation of young people in energy and arctic research and to increase innovation in the field for the future.


  • Create a field where students can publish papers.
  • Organize workshops and projects that highlight young people.
  • Assist in research and development by young people in cooperation with instructors.
  • Encourage young people to study and work in the field with a grant at the Iceland School of Energy at UR.
  • Work with similar groups, institutions and organizations worldwide in arctic affairs and renewable energies to discover sustainable and environmentally beneficial solutions.

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