More students see the effects of Covid having a long-lasting impact on their studies


A much larger group of students now consider the current situation due to Covid to have a significant effect on their studies in the long run. According to a recent survey, 64% of students think that the current situation will have a "rather great" or "great" effect on their studies, in the long run, as compared to 37% of students in March. 16% of students now think that the current situation will have very or rather little effect on their studies, compared with 33% in March.

Since the beginning of the Covid epidemic, Reykjavik University has regularly conducted surveys among its students to assess how they feel, how studying at home is going, and more. The results have been used when the University's actions in regard to Covid have been decided upon.

In the survey, conducted 20-26 October, 49% of students said they feel very or rather bad. During the first wave of the epidemic, at the end of March, 30% of students said they felt bad or very bad. In surveys conducted in May and August this number went down to 20%. About 11% of students now say that they feel very bad, as compared to 5% in March. The number of RU students who feel bad because of the situation has thus clearly gone up. About 24% of students now say they feel good and 27% neither good nor bad.

When asked how studying at home is going, 36% say rather or very well, 24% neither well nor badly and 40% rather or very badly. Those are slightly more positive results than in March when 32% of students said studying at home was going well.

1183 students answered the survey and the answering ratio was 23%.