Mobility Week
Sept. 28th - Oct. 2nd


The annual Reykjavík University Mobility Week will be held September 28th till October 2nd. Its goal is to minimise car usage and enable community responsibility.

During this week, those who travel to and from the university by bike, two feet, by bus or carpool (2+ in a car) will receive a lottery ticket. Each day at noon a lucky lottery ticket holder will win a generous prize. The winning ticket number will be published on several FB pages: Birta, RU's student organisation, and RU's staff page. 

Carpoolers are allowed to park in the parking spaces next to the University – A1 and B1. Cars with only one occupant will have to park further away. Parking attendants will monitor the area between 8:20 - 9:00am during Mobility Week to enforce these rules.

Several businesses and stores will present bikes and bike related products in the Sun at noon (11:00 - 13:00) on Monday, September 28th. Here you can peruse all kinds of bikes, from laid-back city bikes, mountain bikes to electric bikes as well as many kinds of helpful paraphernalia for living a two wheeled lifestyle. One time offers and discounted prices will be available during this event.

We encourage all students and staff at Reykjavík University to take an active part in the Mobility week.

Birta, a newly formed RU student group for corporate social responsibility and sustainability, is the organiser for RU's Mobility Week.