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”The question you should ask yourself is not whether you should study a computer science related subject but whether you can afford not to.”

Dr. Luca Aceto, Chair of RU's Department of Computer Science is the first Department Chair to tell us about his favourite field of research in a new series of videos. The mini-documentaries focus on each Chair of the seven of RU's academic departments and show these individuals in a new light.

Dr. Aceto left Italy in September 1987 to work as a research associate at the University of Sussex for one year. He thought that he would go back to Italy after that year, but has been working in academia around Europe since then, sharing his life with an Icelandic female computer scientist, and holding academic positions in England, France, Italy, Denmark, and Iceland.

In the video, Dr. Aceto speaks about the importance of Computer Science for every day life and the increasing abilities of humankind.

Watch the video on the Department's homepage