Infection prevention and organisation of teaching in the beginning of 2021


A new epidemiology regulation for universities took effect on January 1st. It states that 50 students may share an infection prevention zone, as long as they can keep a 2 meter distance to other students, and that groups of students should not mix in classes.

Some changes are being made to the organisation of infection prevention in the building due to those new rules. Students have access to considerable more study spaces than before and traffic around the building goes back to normal. Masks should still be worn in hallways and other open areas, but are not required in study areas.

The new rules permit more students in each class room than before, although the two meter rule still limits the number of students in each room. The rule that forbids mixing between groups during teaching means that each student will belong to a group of at most 50 people and that students from different groups will never be in the same classroom at the same time.

Work is ongoing on the group splits and general instructions. Students will be kept informed as needed. Information about organisation of teaching in individual courses will be provided by departments or teachers.

Sóttvarnir og fyrirkomulag kennslu 2021