Graduation on Saturday


Reykjavik University graduates candidates in Harpa on January 30th.

Due to restrictions on gatherings, the graduation has been split into 10 smaller ceremonies, taking place in rooms Eldborg and Silfurberg as listed below. Graduation candidates have received an email with information on when they should attend, and more. Everyone attending the ceremonies should wear a facemask.

All ceremonies will be streamed live and can be watched below.


  • Dean welcomes the graduating students and opens the ceremony.
  • Gabríel Jóna Ólafsdóttir gives a speech on behalf of graduating candidates.
  • Department Chairs deliver candidates their graduating documents.
  • Ceremonial Adress by Dr. Ari Kristinn Jónsson, President of Reykjavik University.

Schedule of graduating ceremonies

10:00 in Silfurberg: Applied Engineering, undergraduate

10:30 in Eldborg: Applied Engineering, undergraduate

11:00 in Silfurberg: Applied Engineering, Sports Science and Business Administration, undergraduate

11:30 in Eldborg: Engineering, undergraduate

12:00 in Silfurberg: Computer Science, undergraduate

13:00 in Eldborg: Computer Science, undergraduate

13:30 in Silfurberg: Computer Science and Law, undergraduate

14:00 in Eldborg: Business Administration and Psychology, undergraduate

14:30 in Silfurberg: Engineering and Law, graduate

15:00 in Eldborg: Psychology and Business Administration, graduate