Give the car a break in September


Reykjavík University is now taking part in an effort to encourage staff and students to give their cars a rest in September and try other means of transport. On social media and elsewhere, attention will be drawn to the benefits of resting the car, for the environment, better health and traffic. 

The campaign is a collaboration between RU, the University of Iceland, the student associations of the universities, Landspítali, the City of Reykjavík, Strætó, ÍSÍ, Vegagerðin and the Environment Agency.

The campaign will point out that it is simple to reduce fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, ease traffic, improve health and save money by regularly using more environmentally friendly means of travel than the private car to get to and from work and school. The slogan "Give the car a rest" refers to the fact that it is not necessary to permanently park the car in order to have a significant positive effect. By using other means of transport than the private car once a week, for example, an individual can reduce fuel consumption on weekdays by up to 20%. The same effect can also be achieved by getting a ride with others to work or school. Every little helps.

There are great walking and cycling paths to and from RU and RU has good facilities for cyclists, e.g. illuminated and guarded bicycle shed with access control. RU's transport map shows that it takes e.g. only about ten minutes to cycle in RU from Kringlan and here you can easily see how long it takes to cycle between places in Reykjavík. 

E-scooters are a new and exciting option in transport that can be useful, e.g. to use along a bus-ride, and it takes e.g. only about five minutes to go by electric scooter from Hamraborg in Kópavogur, to RU. There are many advantages to taking the bus, enjoying the time to wind down after the day for example. 

Finally, it is a great environmental benefit for students and staff to participate in car-pooling groups where members take turns driving the group to work or school. All these fun options are ideal to try in September to give your car a rest and get rid of long and tedious car queues.

To promote the reduced use of private cars that burn fossil fuels, RU offers e.g. charging stations for electric cars, car sharing services and transport contracts for employees.

Hvílum bílinn í september