First part of new RU Student Housing ready


The first part of the Reykjavik University student housing has been inaugurated and students moved into its rooms and apartments last August. In this first step of the development, 122 rental units are available: fully furnished individual rooms, individual apartments, apartments for couples and family apartments.

The construction of the student housing is divided into four steps. The building of a second, similar house with 130 rental units for students and three apartments for teachers is going well. According to plans, these should be ready for the school year 2021-2022. As of now, the project is ahead of schedule.

The plan for the area, which is right next to RU‘s main building, involves the construction of 390 rental units in total, mostly for students of Reykjavik University but also employees and staff of companies operating within RU, and knowledge-based companies connected to the University. It is Byggingafélag námsmanna (BN, Student Building Society) that handles the rental and operations of RU‘s student housing.

Kanon architects designed the building which are being built by Javerk.

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