Exploring the World's Energy Landscape


In the middle of August, the Iceland School of Energy held a poster session at the conclusion of its Energy Field School.

The Energy Field School is a cutting-edge, three-week deep dive into the world of sustainable technology. The program equips students with comprehensive understanding of the driving forces behind the growing demand for sustainable energy, and the key factors that impact our ability to meet this demand.


This year, a new element was introduced to the program: students were asked to create scientific posters telling the energy story of their home countries. With students hailing from various parts of the world, the session provided a rich and diverse perspective on global energy use.

It was a fantastic opportunity for faculty staff to meet the students they will teach, for fellow ISE students to meet their new classmates, and for everyone to learn more about the students' backgrounds and the unique energy landscapes they come from. Around 50 people attended the event; ISE’s 16 international students, ISE faculty, alumni, and energy partners such a GRO GTP.

The event was not only a showcase of students’ work but also a celebration of their accomplishments and a reflection of the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the ISE.