Electric Engineering: A new double MSc degree from RU and Aalto


Graduate students in Electrical Engineering at RU's School of Science and Engineering will from now be able to graduate with a double degree from RU and Aalto University in Finland. After successful completion, students will receive two master degrees certificates from both universities, with the one degree workload in two years in addition to the international experience.

Giving students a chance to study abroadMohamed

Mohamed Abdelfattah, Assistant Professor at School of Science and Engineering, is the Electrical Engineering program director. He says that with the new program addition, a part of the School's students requirements are met. “We have found that many of our bachelor students prefer to study master degrees abroad. At the same time, we are looking for students to our master program in electrical engineering. This double degree master study program could satisfy their needs and save their time.” This is therefore a chance for students who can not spend two years abroad, due to family or financial reasons, to study at a University outside of Iceland. This is also the first step in further developing the program at RU and could be the first of more such double degrees with other universities in the Nordic region. “We will start with Aalto and see how the demand is,” says Abdelfattah. Aalto University is one of Scandinavia's leading technology institutions with nearly 20 thousand students. 

Two full terms at each university

This is a two-years Master's Programme of 120 ECTS credits. The minimum Master studies credit is 60 ECTS credits from each university, including a co-supervised 30 ECTS Master's thesis. Students are required to complete one or two full terms/semesters at each university. The tuition fee will follow the home institution (for our students Reykjavik University). The study program is eligible for Erasmus grants. The final admission of students, at Reykjavik University (home institution), is always subject to final approval by Aalto University (host institution), and vice versa. 

About Electrical Engineering

The subject focuses on components of electric power systems, their operations, production and transport of electrical energy, and how to ensure steady delivery of electricity to meet consumer demand. Additionally, the field is concerned with the design requirements for electric power systems and subsystems, and their interactions. See course page for Electric Engineering at RU .

For more information

  • Contact person at Reykjavik University: Ass.Prof. Mohamed Abdelfattah (abdelfattah@ru.is)
  • For information about the Erasmus grant – please contact Birna Bjornsdottir (birnabj@ru.is)