Education is empowering



With RU's graduate programmes, students can conduct research and/or prepare for a career through an innovative, applied learning approach. Graduate programmes are 90-120 ECTS and take 1,5-2 years of full-time study to complete. 

Gréta Matthíasdóttir, head of Student Counselling and Career Centre at Reykjavík University, says that the value of the degree, the excellent facilities at RU, the structure of programmes and the good reputation of the university make it a fascinating option.

We offer outstanding graduate programmes that have received international certifications. When it comes to choosing a programme it is important to take a well considered decision since it will affect your job prospects in the future. The degree will show at the top of your CV so it´s important that the programme interests you and that will help you to achieve your goals.

On Thursday 4 Th April a special day dedicated to graduate studies will be held at RU from 16:30. Guests will be able to chat with faculty from each department, staff at the student counselling and exchange studies at the master's level and explore the University premises. At 17:00 open lectures will begin on various aspects of pursuing a Master's degree.

The application deadline for graduate studies at RU is April 30th and April 15th.