Confirmed infections among students


Covid-19 infections have been confirmed this week among a small group of RU students. The infection does not seem to be wide-spread as all but one of the known infections are connected and within the same student group

That group and its teachers are now studying and working at home, while the infection tracking team, works on tracking and deciding on who needs to go to quarantine. All areas in which the affected individuals have been in have been thoroughly disinfected. The infected student who is not connected to the group has not come to RU since last week and no one at the university has had to quarantine because of that infection.

As soon as an infection is confirmed among students, appropriate measures are taken at RU. If needed, the relevant student groups are transferred to online teaching and asked to stay at home, until the situation becomes clear. All classrooms are disinfected in the morning and between student groups. Common areas and doorknobs, elevator buttons and such are disinfected at least daily.

In a large and active university some sporadic infections may be expected. Therefore, the university has emphasised infection prevention through the organisation of teaching and other work, through the limited use of facilities, cleaning and disinfection. We expect that with coordinated effort and testing, further spread of the infection within the university will be prevented.

deCODE genetics has offered to test RU students and staff for the virus and the university encourages everyone to accept that good offer. Details on how to make appointments for testing have been sent in an email.