Computer science professor a member of EATCS board


Magnús Már HalldórssonMagnús Már Halldórsson, professor at RU‘s School of Computer Science, has been elected to serve as a member of the Council of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS). The appointment is for four years.

Magnús Már is a member of the research group within the University called Icelandic Centre of Excellence in Theoretical Computer Science (ICE-TCS). The director of ICE-TCS, Luca Aceto, is the president of EACTS.

He says he wants to use his membership on the council to address certain issues regarding theoretical computer science in Europe, especially pertaining to education and dissemination of research. "There are still the larger questions regarding the publication style of the field, which EATCS would do well to weigh on. Computer science is the only field that relies so heavily on conference publications. It has unavoidable costs (in conference tourism), global footprint, and results in high reviewing loads."

According to Magnús he wants EACTS to support to a greater extent educational ventures across countries and institutes. "A particular example are the EATCS summer schools, which can continue to be extremely valuable if run at high quality."

The main research focus of Magnús Már is wireless ad-hoc communication, particularly combining rigorous algorithms analysis with realistic models of interference.

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