350 campus housing units to be built at RU


Háskólagarðar HRReykjavik University plans to build 350 new apartments and single rooms, as well as a kindergarten and housing services to the west of Öskuhlíð in a new “University Garden” development. The plans were agreed by the city council last week and construction is planned to begin next year.

Ari Kristinn Jónsson, Rector of Reykjavik University, says new the new campus development is designed to compensate for the lack of residential properties for students in the city area. "Campus accommodation is an important issue for students within RU and play an important part of the goal RU to create a powerful knowledge centre within the university. I am therefore very pleased that this project has been given the go-a head. "

The proposed apartments are intended for students and staff of RU and companies working at RU. The plan includes small apartments and single rooms with shared facilities.  The complex will have a preschool and groceries and other services. The design buildings and area will emphasis environmental sustainability and sustainable transportation. The community will be characterized by sheltered and tranquil surrounding and pedestrian and cycle paths that intertwine with the area with outdoor area at Öskjuhlíd.

The contract was won by Kanon architect and will be developed in collaboration with RU and the City. The plan will be on display and presentation in the lobby office Reykjavík Borgartún 12-14 in the coming days.