Artificial Intelligence will be used to record Parliament speeches


Fulltrúar HR og Alþingis standa í AlþingisgarðinumIn the photo (from left to right): Jón Guðnason; Guðrún Arnbjörg Sævarsdóttir, Dean of RU School of Science and Technology; Helgi Bernódusson, Parliament's office manager and Ari Kristinn Jónsson, rector of Reykjavik University.

Representatives from Parliament and RU School of Science and Engineering have signed an agreement regarding the development and implementation of an open software that is to be used for recording speeches. The aim is to have a speech analysis system, based on artificial intelligence, functional within two years. 

For a while now we have worked on various projects in AI and language technology, with Google among others. They all have in common the task of making computers understand Icelandic. This development of a new speech transcriber is an important step for the Icelandic language in general," Says Jón Guðnason, assistant professor at the School of Science and Engineering and the project leader. Computers already understand language and to maintain our language, one of the most important tasks is to ensure that they also speak Icelandic.

This is a two-year project. A prototype will be made by analysing recordings of MP's speeches.This includes the training and testing of different methods of speech analysis. In the second part of the project the system will be integrated into Parliament's information technology systems.