Artificial Intelligence, a printed heart, designing computer games and destroying a computer


This year's UTmessan was held in Harpa from February the 6th – 7th and was attended by 9,000 guest's.The purpose of the UTmessa is to highlight the importance of information technology and its effects on individuals, businesses and Icelandic society alike. The goal of the fair is to see a significant increase in the number of students who choose technical disciplines in universities across the country and especially in computer science. The fair was open to the public and professionals and families alike were encouraged to take part.

Research and Projects

Researchers from the School of Computer Science at RU set up a special intelligence corner, where they explained and showed the results their research, there was also a sample of student designed computer games to try out. Scientists from the Biomedical Engineering department at RU showed 3D print outs of the brain, heart, bones and more. Students from the School of Science and Engineering showed water flies, a submarine and a model rocket.

Competition to reassemble a computer

/sys/tra, a students led organization for women in computing at Reykjavik University, held a competition to assemble a dissembled computer.  The competition was open to contestants aged 15-25 years old. The four contestants were given dissembled computer parts, the first to get their computer up and running was the winner.