All teaching moved online due to ban on mass gatherings


As of today, the government of Iceland has put in force a ban on mass gatherings as a means of prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic. This means that all teaching at Reykjavik University will be moved online from midnight of the morning of Monday, March 16th. RU‘s objective is clear: to ensure that studies go forward, that the courses of spring semester are finished on time, and that students are graduated in June.

The University, its employees and students, are well prepared for a ban on mass gatherings, and preparations have been underway for a while according to the RU response strategy for COVID-19. Teachers have been given instructions on how the structure of courses can be altered and how teaching can be done entirely online. A number of teachers have used the last few days to get familiar with different online teaching methods.

According to the strategy practical assignments will be postponed or reorganised so that they can be completed outside of the University. Teachers will also be allowed to alter or discontinue evaluation factors such as assignments, practical course work, exams, essays etc. Calculation of grades will be changed in accordance with the deletion of these factors.

Based on the information currently available, the RU building will not be accessible for students while the gathering ban is in effect. Services for students will still be provided, but delivered online. Students have full access to the building this weekend and are encouraged to take with them or clear away what they need before the gathering ban takes effect.

These circumstances are without precedent but Reykjavik University, its students and staff, are well equipped to take on the challenge. Employees and students are encouraged to follow instructions about preventions, look after their loved ones and support those who need assistance.