Additional exam period and study counselling


In light of the pressure caused by the impact of Covid on studies and daily life, the decision has been made to reduce students‘ workload by increasing flexibility around final exams for the fall semester of 2020. 

This involves the following:

  1. There will be a third exam period in May/June 2021. Students can thus take final exams for the fall semester 2020 during three periods; November/December 2020, January 2021 and May/June 2021.
  2. The fee for using alternative exam periods will be waived so students can take exams in January or in May/June 2021 without incurring extra cost.
  3. Students are allowed to retake exams if they fail or want to improve their grades. A student can thus take the final exam in any given course up to three times. The grade from the last exam taken by the student will be the final exam grade for the course.

This approach provides students with more flexibility and better results for the long term than other options that have been considered. The hope is that this will help the majority of those students who need additional flexibility with final exams; as they now have the option of a retake without incurring extra costs or to distribute the exam-taking load over a longer period of time.

In addition to the above, students who have fallen ill, had to take care of others or suffered other serious setbacks due to Covid, are urged to contact the study counsellors. This is particularly important when a student believes that he or she may not be able to complete a course due to those circumstances.  

Addition November 18th

The last day to register for exam period 2 for 12 week courses is December 9th. For 15 and 3 week courses it is December 17th.

An exact date for exam period 3 has not been decided. 

To be eligible for the President's list, students need to finish their exams in exam periods 1 and 2.