A statement from the President of Reykjavik University


The following is a statement from the President of Reykjavik University:

Given the extensive media coverage concerning an assistant professor who has recently left Reykjavik University, it should be stressed that University management can not discuss publicly matters concerning individual employees.

In general, however, it is worth noting that discourse promoting discrimination or hatred based on gender, sexual orientation, disability or race, will not be tolerated within the university.  Students, faculty and staff must all be able to trust that they are treated with respect and that their work is always valued fairly. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the university president, the school deans and other RU directors are responsible for any decisions concerning employment at the university.  Such decisions are always made based on the overall interests of the university, its students and staff; taking into account all relevant information, not single incidents.


Ari Kristinn Jónsson,

President of RU