92% of RU students happy with the University's response to COVID-19


In a recent survey, 92% of students of Reykjavik University (RU) said that they are rather or very happy with the University's response to COVID-19. RU's aim has been to minimize the effect of the closing of universities on studies and to finish the spring term of 2020 in such a way that students will have the same opportunities as before to continue their studies, graduate and take on further studies. At the same time, the University has emphasized support for students and flexibility in light of the current difficult circumstances. To achieve this, all teaching was moved online, students were offered the possibility of receiving "passed" instead of a numerical grade, and various other changes were made to study assessments, timing of exams etc. Furthermore, students have had good access to counsellors and experts who could guide them with respect to studies and well-being.

Studying at home seems to be going better as 40% of students now consider it to be going very, or rather well, as compared to 32% in a survey conducted in the end of March. 

Nemandi á gangi í Háskólanum í Reykjavík

In the survey, students were also asked about their employment and their employment prospects, in particular regarding this summer. About 20% percent of students report that they have lost their job as a result of the epidemic and another 20% say they have less work now than before. On the other hand, about 7% have seen their work increase. About 45% of students have a summer job lined up but 50 % have not secured a job for the summer. Of those that do not have a job for the summer, 66% consider it unlikely that they will find a job. Roughly 35% of students say that it is very or rather likely that they would attend summer courses, if suitable courses were made available at RU.

The survey among students was made April 16th to 20th. 690 students responded to the survey.