Assistance with finding housing

Reykjavik University does not offer accommodation on or off campus. Students are in charge of arranging and securing their own accommodation in Reykjavik. We strongly recommended you begin this process early as there is a lot of competition for student housing in Reykjavik, particularly before the autumn term.

Accommodation and living costs

The total cost of living in Reykjavik for an exchange student is approximately 164,000 ISK a month. The price of renting a room can range between 50,000 ISK and 80,000 ISK a month. The remaining budget accounts for entertainment, transportation, meals, etc. It will always depend on each student's lifestyle. All these costs were obtained based on the information published by the Office of Icelandic Student Loan Fund.

Housing Deposit

Most landlords ask for a deposit that will be refunded when you leave the accommodation if no damage has been done to the property. Landlords are allowed to withhold the sum required to repair the damage from the deposit.

Tenancy Agreements

Usually the landlord completes a tenancy agreement between the landlord and the person renting. Some guest houses use a standard tenancy agreement from the Ministry of Social Affairs in Iceland. Before signing a tenancy agreement it is very important to read it through carefully.

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